BAXI Boilers

Gas Boilers

Safety, energy efficiency and reliability from Baxi gas boilers.

All Baxi gas boilers meet and exceed the latest standards in safety, energy efficiency, emissions and water bylaws.

Baxi offers a wide range of gas boiler models, which now includes detailed LPG models, can cope with the most exacting heating and hot water needs - and every single product comes with our usual high level of aftersales support.

Combi Boilers

Our high efficiency range of combi boilers includes some of the most energy efficient heating and hot water systems available, including the cupboard fit Neta-tec combi and the reliable Duo-tec combi which both come with the cutting edge THINK combustion management system as standard.

Heat Only Boilers

Our heat only boiler can reduce heating bills from day one. The Baxi Solo HE A has always been a popular choice for homeowners thanks to its high energy efficiency and compact body.

System Boilers

The Baxi Megaflo System boiler combines high efficiency and high performance with excellent environmental credentials.

With THINK combustion management technology included as standard and cupboard fit dimensions the Megaflo System Compact GA is a system boiler for the future.