Comfort/Base Series

Comfort/Base Series Central Air Conditioners

Models: 24ABB3, 24ABC6

Comfort/Base Series Central Air Conditioners

Economical Cooling Comfort: Reliable, Quiet and Efficient

Cut your central air conditioning utility bills with up to a 16.5 SEER efficiency rating. It can run as quietly as a dishwasher (as low as 72 dB). And it resists the elements to run reliably for years.

  • Ratings
  • Rating 5 of 7 Energy Efficiency
  • Rating 5 of 7 Quiet Level
  • Rating 6 of 7 Durability
Up to 16 SEERCoolsPuron refrigerantENERGY STAR

Up to 16.5 SEER

As low as 72 dB (quiet as a dishwasher)

Wire coil guard

Environmentally-sound Puron® refrigerant

10-year parts limited warranty when properly registered