Performance™ Series Boost

Performance™ Series Boost Gas Furnace

Models: 59SP5

Performance™ Series Boost Gas Furnace

Performance Boost 95 Offers Enhanced Operation for Great Savings

The Performance Boost 95 with single-stage heating offers annualized fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of up to 96.5% and boosts system efficiency by up to 1.5 SEER points.


  • Rating 5 of 7 Energy Efficiency
  • Rating 6 of 7 Quiet Level
  • Rating 7 of 7 Durability
Up to 96 AFUEHeats

Up to 96.5% AFUE

Multi-stage ECM blower motor delivers electrical efficiency all year long, during heating and cooling operation

SmartEvap™ technology can lower the humidity in your home by nearly 10%

ComfortFan™ technology allows control of continuous fan speed with a compatible control

10-year parts limited warranty when properly registered