Receive $650 Back

Receive $650 Back

With the Heating and Cooling Incentive

We have partnered with the Ontario Power Authority to bring you even more savings when it comes to replacing your central heating or air conditioning systems. We know that a great part of your annual energy expenditure is on heating your house during the winter and cooling it during the summer so now more than ever it makes sense to invest in high-efficiency central heating and cooling systems.

A furnace or A/C is not only better for your wallet, it is also better for the environment and that is why the Government of Ontario, through the OPA has introduced these incentives.

Cozy Comfort Plus™ is proud to be a registered dealer for the Heating and Cooling incentive and we will make sure that you get the most of it when the time comes to replace your furnace or AC.

For more information, please read the checklist for the incentive.

OPA Rebate Infographic