Mr. Slim Vs Window Units

Why not use a window unit?

  • They’re an invitation for burglars and intruders when you’re away…or at home.
  • Your view of the outdoors and incoming light is blocked. Isn’t this the main reason for the window in the first place?
  • Old window units are ugly, sweaty and add no value to your home whatsoever.
  • The noise levels of the window unit cycling on and off during the night make a sleeping a challenge.
  • Window units need to be installed every summer and stored every winter.
  • Typically, window units only come in cooling-only models whereas Mr. Slim offers both cooling-only and heat pump models.

Unlike window units, Mr. Slim adds value to your home, is whisper quiet, very secure, stylish, compact and can be installed almost anywhere. Also, Mr. Slim can easily be installed by any qualified installer.