Multi-Split System

Your Mitsubishi Electric multi-split system could be the best solution for balancing the use of available space with available money. The innovative design of the system lets you mix and match several indoor units to fit the layout of the home. Plus, if you ever need to add additional units, they’re easy to install and add to your existing system.
Multi-zone technology allows everyone to enjoy their own preferred level of comfort regardless of where they may be in the home. Due to the fact that each zone operates on its own, someone in the master bedroom, living room or even kitchen can set the temperature to what best suits them.


Mr. Slim’s innovative design gives you the flexibility to mix and match several indoor units to adapt to the layout of your home. Whether it is a wall-mounted unit that circulates air movement or a ceiling concealed unit that fit perfectly with your décor, Mr. Slim has the perfect solution that matches the styles and needs for your home with our wide product range. With so many different system configurations, the possibilities are endless.