Carrier Controls and thermostats

Controls and thermostats

Carrier’s wide variety of highly engineered thermostats lets you have precise control over temperature, humidity, air treatment and scheduling.

From larger temperature display for easy reading to designer look customized to your home décor, our controls and thermostats provide easy access, superior accuracy and unmatched flexibility for the savvy consumer who wants to save energy without compromising comfort or aesthetics.

If you’d like to know more about controls and thermostats, contact a Carrier dealer near you, and get the scoop on what’s best for your home.

Infinity® Touch™ Wi-Fi enabled Control

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Edge® Programmable Thermostat


Edge® Non-Programmable Thermostat

ComfortZone™ II Control

Comfort™ Programmable Thermostat

Comfort™ Programmable Thermostat

Comfort™ Non-programmable Large Screen Thermostat

Comfort™ Non-programmable Small Screen Thermostat

Comfort™ Series 3-Zone