Home Design Trends in 2019: Make Your Fireplace a Conversation Piece

Gas and electric fireplaces are very popular in new home construction, especially in older homes (which often have wood-burning fireplaces), or are upgraded with gas or electric fireplace inserts.

Most fireplaces have some kind of mantel (shelf) above them. Fireplace surrounds, columns on either side of the mantel, are less common. However, you can easily create a whole new look to a room (e.g. family room or living room) by remodeling, or adding a fireplace surround. If you make it yourself, it’s a great way to showcase your woodworking skills, and the added value to your home is also beneficial.

At Cozy Comfort Plus we offer a variety of fireplace surrounds available in various sizes and price ranges; if you want something modern and follow the trends in 2019, we can custom build it for you. Building a fireplace surround needs special skill-set and woodworking skills, it should be secure and nice.

Mantel Options, designs of a new fireplace surround

If you have a wood or gas fireplace, there may be a mantel hanging over it. The mantel is either attached to the wall studding (if there is drywall above the fireplace) or on a blocking inset into the masonry. A fireplace surround consists of columns attached to either side of the mantel, and can have the following variations:

  • A flat-style is set flush to the wall
  • The a column-style is set away from the wall
  • A cabinet-style is a column surround that also serves as a storage or wall unit

Choosing the Right Mantel for Your House

Cozy Comfort Plus makes your house functional and fabulous with a modern or transitional fireplace mantel. Our collection of mantels ranging from traditional to contemporary in any sizes.

Alternatively, you may have a specific design in mind. If you need assistance creating a custom design, our interior design and expert contractors will gladly help you craft an original piece, designed to complement your individual taste and lifestyle.

Most styles can be made as a cabinet or corner fireplace mantel unit to accommodate traditional, gas or electric fireplaces.

Fireplace Surrounding
Fireplace Surrounding-Toronto
Fireplace Surrounding 2019

Heaths and Surrounds

Right in front of the fireplace there is usually a hearth, typically made of a fire resistant material, such as ceramic tile, stone, or brick. If you plan to replace the hearth, or you do not have one, we recommend installing it before you install the fireplace surround.

At Cozy Comfort Plus designing your fireplace surround, we will follow the process below:

  • The size of your hearth
  • The heating source (gas, electricity, wood)
  • Safety clearances required
  • The existing woodwork
  • Your furniture style
  • The room size and configuration

What kinds of tile can be used around a fireplace?

Ceramic has been used on fireplace surrounds and hearths for many years. Decorative tiles were especially popular for decades. Ceramic withstands heat well, and is durable enough to meet the demands of a fireplace. Consider selecting a thicker tile for the fireplace for extra durability.

Material Choices for a Fireplace Surround

Fireplace surrounds beside functionality brings beauty as well; we have surround options available with cabinets or bookcases integrated into the design to provide additional storage. Our expert team at Cozy Comfort Plus can help you create the right design, and select the best material for your fireplace surround.

Choosing the right material will help you create that cozy, warm space in your home. There are a number of options to choose from, and we’ve outlined some key features for six commonly used materials to help make your decision process easier.

Steel, concrete and stone are the most modern options, tile is a more traditional option, and brick can be either modern or traditional (depending on the design) for a fireplace surround.


Steel is one of the most popular fireplace surround materials. It comes in many different finishes, and can complement many interiors. A steel fireplace surround often gives a modern, industrial feel to a room.


Wood is a less obvious choice for a fireplace surround than steel.. When building your fireplace, as long as the body is built properly, a wood surround should not present a problem (or a potential safety hazard), although you should find out about your local building codes to see if wood surrounds are permitted.


Concrete as a fireplace surround, with clean lines and natural finishes, brings a contemporary feel to an interior. It also warms up the space because it retains the heat from the fire. Concrete is a resilient material, making it ideal for fireplaces, and the wide range of colors and textures can make it match your personal style.


A stone fireplace surround adds rustic charm to a modern interior. The stones help to radiate heat, warming up the interior faster than other materials, and keeping it warmer longer. Stone can surround your fireplace in a number of different ways and styles making it a very versatile choice for a fireplace surround..


A more traditional fireplace surround option, brick can also be used in modern or traditional interiors to create a feeling of warmth and classic style. Bricks are available in many different colours and sizes, and can be arranged in different patterns to create looks that add texture and colour to a space.


Tile is a great way to create a unique fireplace surround. It comes in endless materials, colours, sizes, and textures; it is also suitable for interior or exterior designs. Tile can also be fully integrated into the fireplace surround design. There are many different looks and price points available if you choose tile to surround your fireplace.

Are you ready to add comfort and elegance to your home in 2019? Call us to get started today!

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