Great Incentive for Air Source Heat Pump Program in Ontario

An air-source heat pump is a smart investment that pays for itself over time.
With these new rebates and so many options to choose from, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your home’s heating and cooling system.

Call Cozy Comfort Plus to find the right system for your home. This offer is only available for homes that use electricity, propane, or heating oil as a primary heating source.

If you HAVE existing ductwork

Ducted $3,250
Cold Climate Ducted $5,500


If you DO NOT HAVE existing ductwork

Ductless $1,900
Ductless Multiport $2,500 for exterior unit and first two interior units plus $250 for each additional interior unit, up to a maximum of $4,250
Cold Climate Ductless $2,500
Cold Climate Ductless Multiport $3,000 for exterior unit and first two interior units plus $400 for each additional interior unit, up to a maximum of $5,800

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People like you shared their purchase and installation experience!

Farzaneh HashemiFarzaneh Hashemi

I have needed immediate service and repair for the Heat Pump in my Condo in Mississauga three times over the last 8 years. Every time during the heat wave in the summer, and also Ice storm in the winter. Cozy Comfort Plus was referred to me by a family member. Since then Cozy Comfort Plus has always been the place for me to go to for professional and great technical service and repair, even for maintenance on my Gas fire place. As I needed to keep my tenants happy and satisfied. They helped me save thousands of Dollars, by recognizing the problem and replacing the faulty part on a cheap Heat Pump installed by the original builder. Cozy Comfort Plus truly stand to their name. I have referred them to my elderly parents also living in a Condo and they had the same great experience I did. Their technicians are experienced, professionals and extremely customer friendly. In all occasions, they treated it as if their own. Thank you Cozy Comfort Plus

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Amir VaghariAmir Vaghari

We've had Cozy Comfort Plus over at least a couple of times to instal and maintain our furnace over the years for our place in Mississauga. They have gained our trust and exceeded our expectations as customers. They repaired our heat pump that has been working exceptionally since their visit. They also fixed our AC on another occasion. These guys are the best in the business and honestly such wonderful people. If you were looking for a trustworthy organization with integrity, I would highly recommend contacting Brian and team at Cozy Comfort Plus. I'm sure these people will take great care of you, just as they did for us!

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Martin SykesMartin Sykes

Cozy Comfort Plus Inc. installed a new high efficiency furnace in our house two years ago and it has been operating perfectly ever since. Their service was straight forward, reasonably priced and good value for money. They even walked us through the complicated rebate program that was hard to understand without being involved in the industry.

I would highly recommend them for your next heating and cooling needs.

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