Winter’s Coming: Let’s Get Warm!

Winter’s Coming: Let’s Get Warm!

Open for Cold Hard Winter Deals

A cozy fireplace is a very popular addition to a beautiful home. They come in various sizes and designs and add warmth to your home without using too much energy. The same goes for heat pumps. These devices also keep you warm and comfortable, but unlike other heating systems, they use less electricity.


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At Cozy Comfort Plus, we have fireplaces on our minds. Fireplaces are one of the most popular ways to warm up your home during the winter. A fireplace is an excellent way to stay comfortable at home throughout the season. It can be used as a focal point in any room or even outside if it has a chimney.

The best thing about having a fireplace is that it generally does not require a lot of maintenance. You may consider installing a gas-powered fireplace. This type of fireplace uses natural gas instead of electricity to produce heat. Gas-powered fireplaces are usually more expensive than electric ones, but they last longer.

You can have a fireplace installed with a discount of up to $400 this season. We have a wide range of high-quality models in stock, and we can install them almost right away.

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Heat Pumps

A heat pump might be the perfect solution for your needs. Heat pumps use refrigerants to help transfer heat between indoor and outdoor air. This process requires less energy than traditional heating methods such as boilers.
In fact, some homeowners find heat pumps more efficient than oil furnaces. In order to save money on their electric bills, many people turn to these devices. It’s important to understand that heat pumps are usually more expensive than traditional heating methods, but they last longer, which means you won’t have to replace them as often. Another advantage is that they don’t produce harmful gases like other heating systems.

The Canadian government will give those who qualify up to $5,000 toward the purchase of a heat pump. The Oil to Heat Pump Affordability (OHPA) Grant will provide households with money toward making the shift, depending on the household income, to cover costs that include the purchase and installation of heat pumps, necessary electrical upgrades, and the safe removal of the oil tank.

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    Greg LindsayGreg Lindsay

    My furnace broke mid February and from the first call Cozy Comfort Plus exceeded my expectations and it was the best customer service experience I've had in a very long time. They had someone here within two hours who very knowledgeable and gave me several options. I ended up deciding to replace my furnace and they had it done the next day. From my first contact on the phone, to the technician to the installation staff they were all professional, responsive and truly a pleasure to work with. In a little over 24 hours the heat was back on and at a very fair price.

    I cannot recommend them highly enough as it's a stressful time when your furnace goes mid February. They even submitted the rebates before I had a chance to call them the next day!! All I can say is WOW.

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    Andrew P.Andrew P.

    We just had a gas fireplace installed by Cozy Comfort Plus. What an incredible and seamless process this was - beginning to end.

    We met with a few companies, and loved the professionalism and communication with Brian. He was thorough in his explanations, took his time to answer all our questions. We were so impressed that we knew right away this was a company we wanted to work with.

    The installation was seamless! A team of three people (Jason, Amir, and Hamid) came on time and got straight to work. They were friendly, efficient, and left the space spotless!

    Had we known that switching from a wood fireplace to a gas one was this easy, we would have done it years ago!

    We would highly recommend Cozy Comfort Plus to anyone wanting to install a gas fireplace!!!

    So happy we did our research and ended up working with these guys!

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    Greg OnitGreg Onit

    Brian is very easy to work with, his advise about which gas stove to go with was excellent and my parents ending up going with the high-end Regency model. His installers were very good and were easy to talk to about the job and they did an excellent job. I like it when a contractor works with their customers and cares about their company to back up the work done. I highly recommend them and a special thank you to Brian who runs an excellent company! My parents are extremely happy and can't wait on those cold nights to go by to feel the warm heat of their new stove.

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