Fireplace Maintenance and Repair

There are many reasons to regularly service or repair your fireplace.  Annual service and inspections will reduce the need for repairs and will increase the life of your fireplace in Toronto’s long-lasting frigid cold weather and with better safety and peace of mind.

If it isn’t the time for your regular maintenance service and you notice any of the following: you should contact Cozy Comfort Plus Inc. service team for your fireplace inspection and service at once!

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Important things to look for:

  1. The fireplace turns off on its own without a thermostatic temp control
  2. The fireplace comes on but does not heat up
    • Are the electrical parts on?
    • Are the gas piping clogged?
  1. The fireplace comes on but the flames are low and won’t adjust any higher
  2. Have you serviced the fireplace, two years from installation date?
  3. The glass is discoloured
    • Has a cloudy film on it
    • Can you see etching
  4. Ignition is slow does not ignite at all
  5. Soot is building up within and around the fireplace
  6. The fireplace begins to produce abnormal odours
  7. Regularly servicing your fireplace by our company will help prevent the need for repairs in the long run.

Benefits of Cozy Comfort Plus Inc. Regular Fireplace Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your fireplace is vital to the life of your unit. You might be surprised at just how vast the benefits are of an annual maintenance service.

Ensured Safety – Inspections will catch simple things like: loose wiring or broken gaskets that can turn into significant problems really quickly.

Aesthetic Beauty – Regularly cleaning the glass of your unit will ensure its artistic beauty never diminishes due to cloudy glass that blocks the beauty of the gentle flames.

Peace of Mind – Knowing your unit has successfully passed inspection and is working efficiently, will give you the peace of mind so that you do not have to worry about what might happen when you do ignite it the next time around.

Gas Fireplace 8 Point Tune-up Checklist Report

  1. Clean glass and unit according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  2. Check the entire vent system and termination for condition and operation
  3. An inspection of the explosion relief flappers and glass door gaskets to ensure a proper seal
  4. An inspection of the burner, venturi, and air openings
  5. An inspection of the gas valve, gas components, and pilot system
  6. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual to ensure proper log placement
  7. Verify correct operation of all optional equipment; fans, thermostats, remote control, safeties, etc.
  8. Keep the fireplace area clear and free of combustible materials, flammables or items that could be damaged from high heat.
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Farzaneh HashemiFarzaneh Hashemi

I have needed immediate service and repair for the Heat Pump in my Condo in Mississauga three times over the last 8 years. Every time during the heat wave in the summer, and also Ice storm in the winter. Cozy Comfort Plus was referred to me by a family member. Since then Cozy Comfort Plus has always been the place for me to go to for professional and great technical service and repair, even for maintenance on my Gas fire place. As I needed to keep my tenants happy and satisfied. They helped me save thousands of Dollars, by recognizing the problem and replacing the faulty part on a cheap Heat Pump installed by the original builder. Cozy Comfort Plus truly stand to their name. I have referred them to my elderly parents also living in a Condo and they had the same great experience I did. Their technicians are experienced, professionals and extremely customer friendly. In all occasions, they treated it as if their own. Thank you Cozy Comfort Plus

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Ron HutchisonRon Hutchison

I can't stress enough how happy & pleased we are with our Napoleon BBQ. From the moment we walked into the showroom, we were met with a very friendly greeting.

My wife and I were so impressed with the calm, sincere and gracious demeanor of Brian. He answered all our questions, gave us his thoughts and professional opinions on everything inquired about.

We will definitely continue our business with Brian and the entire team at Cozy Comfort Plus.

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Jeff VJeff V

Nice guys. Great service, fair prices. Prompt and efficient. I'd use these guys again in a heartbeat.

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