Our Selection of Gas Fireplaces in Toronto

Modern gas fireplaces bring a wonderful elegance to any room, and there is a great amount of options to choose from. With all sorts of gorgeous designs, adjustable flame levels, and authentic looking ceramic logs, a gas fireplace is a wonderful addition to your home.

Adding a gas fireplace to your Toronto home is a great way to add ambiance at a reasonable cost. Gas fireplaces are very close to providing the look and feel of a real fire, but require no effort limited maintenance. If adding warmth to your room is a prime concern, then there is no better option than a gas fireplace. While wood fireplaces burn incredibly hot, most of the heat disappears up the chimney, and the draft can take warm air out of your other rooms. On the other hand, gas fireplaces are highly efficient.

At Cozy Comfort Plus, we are proud to offer gas fireplace installation throughout the Toronto area, and carry a full range of models from Napoleon, Regency, Valor, Marquis, Montigo. We have a selection of gas insert fireplaces that can be inserted into the frame of an existing wood fireplace, as well as free-standing models. Please visit our fireplace gallery to see some examples of the fireplaces we have available to you.

We also have a great selection electric and wood-burning fireplaces, if that may better fit your preferences. Whatever your circumstances, at Cozy Comfort Plus, we have the perfect fireplace for you, and would be happy to install one for you. Call today to learn about our supply of gas fireplaces available at our Toronto facility.