Beautiful Wood Burning Fireplaces for Your Toronto Home

An authentic wood-burning fireplace is near-impossible to replicate, and if your desire is to have the crackle and glow of one then there is no alternative. While they require more set-up time and cleaning than a gas or electric fireplace, the ambiance is unparalleled.

A woodburning fireplace will require more care and attention than one of our electric or gas fireplaces, but the work can be well worth it. You’ll need space to store firewood as well, but that can provide a nice visual feature to compliment the fireplace itself, and will create a nice aroma in the room. The efficiency of the fireplace is entirely up to the user, if you want to keep the fire roaring, you’ll need a lot of wood. However, if you feed the fire cautiously, you can warm your home for an extended period with only a few logs.

We are proud to carry wood-burning fireplaces from top-quality suppliers like Napoleon and Regency, and we would love to install one in your Toronto home. Call today for the fireplace of your dreams!