Napoleon fireplaces are known for their versatility and high quality. What started as a small, family-owned steel fabricating business in Ontario, Canada, is now one of the most popular fireplace manufacturers globally. Offering a wide selection of natural gas-fed and electric firesides, Napoleon Fireplaces Toronto are built with enough depth to create a convincing illusion of real fire. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of Napoleon Fireplaces.

Napoleon Fireplaces | Pros

Easy to Install

Napoleon Fireplaces don’t require any sort of ventilation or chimney, which means that you can easily install and run them according to your needs. To activate an electric or gas-fed fireplace, all you need to do is plug them into the outlet or switch on the ignition button. Therefore, if you are looking for a fireplace with a low installation cost, contact a Napoleon dealer today.


Napoleon Fireplaces are the most flexible option, both in terms of portability and cost. Not only are there all types of sizes and style options to go with almost any décor, room, build, and budget, but you also have choices between freestanding and wall-mounted Napoleon Fireplaces. 


Gas-fed Napoleon Fireplaces typically produce more heat at a lower cost than traditional fireplaces. Moreover, Napoleon Fireplaces also ensure that all heat stays within the room, which makes it the ideal option if you only want to warm up certain rooms of your house.


When it comes to fireplaces, there is a big misconception that cutting a hole and throwing in wood is an inexpensive and easy way to set up a fireplace, compared to investing in Napoleon Fireplaces. However, you will be surprised to know that natural gas or electric-based Napoleon Fireplaces prices are much lower than the cost of constructing a fireplace along with a necessary chimney from scratch.

Low Maintenance 

Compared to wood-burning fireplaces, Napoleon Fireplaces need less care, cleaning, and maintenance. In simple terms, unlike the traditional fireplaces that you need to regularly clean up debris and remove ashes from, when cleaning Napoleon Fireplaces, all you need to do is clean it out once or twice a month. 

Napoleon Fireplaces | Cons

Produce Less Heat

Out of the three standard types of fireplaces, electric Napoleon Fireplaces produce comparatively less heat for your home. However, if you have a small, cozy living space that requires temporary heating every once in a while, then Napoleon Fireplaces are sure to be the perfect fit.

Are Not Authentic 

While traditional fireplaces still require wood or gas logs, electric Napoleon Fireplaces display virtual flames that are far from an authentic fire. Although these fireplaces still add coziness and heat to your space, they don’t match the exact vibe of a wood-burning fireplace. 

Wrapping it up

Whether electric or gas, Napoleon Fireplaces offer a full spectrum of design opportunities in terms of appearance. With a variety of insert panels ranging from decorative to stainless or black brick, and boundary options and media such as log sets or rocks to color-changing crystals, the options of customizing Napoleon fireplaces according to your needs are truly endless. If you are looking for Napoleon Fireplaces Toronto, contact Cozy Comfort Plus, the authorized Napoleon dealer, right away to make your home cozy.

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