No home could be considered complete without a nice fireplace in the living room. It is part of the traditional family lifestyle to gather around the fireplace to share stories and news of the day. A fireplace gives your house that warm, peaceful, and homely feeling that takes many of us back to the days of our childhood.

There are many wonderful models of fireplaces available today, which makes it difficult to select which one to choose. We advise choosing a modern, electric fireplace that is of good value and offers a good deal of functionality.

An electric fireplace has many advantages over the more traditional designs. These fireplaces can be fixed in big properties and small. They can be easily used in apartments, condos and even RVs. They give your dwelling an elegant, fashionable look.

These fireplaces can also be installed in media rooms, integrated into bookshelves in the study or small office space. They are environment-friendly, low-cost, easy to use and require low maintenance.

Every modern, electric fireplace comes with an integrated mantle like the traditional fireplaces. They glow with realistic flames, very similar to the allure of robust, crackling flames. Most electric fireplaces come with two components. There is the heater box that warms up the room and a digital screen that displays the flame effects.

Electric fireplaces are more efficient than traditional ones. They can be plugged into a wall outlet and don’t require chimneys or venting for smoke.

Here we have outlined some of the best electrical fireplaces in the range of $500 to $1,000 that you can buy for your home.

ZECL-30-3226-BG Amantii

ZECL-30-3226-BG Electric Fireplace designed for new construction or renovation projects, the elegant electric ZECL-30-3226-BG fireplace is an excellent choice for new construction or a renovation project.

This fireplace is simple and easy to install. It comes in several sizes, superior aesthetics and great visuals. This fireplace has a coverage area of 400 – 500 feet which should be enough for most needs.

Sander Media Console – Dimplex

This is another good choice on a budget. The Diamond like acrylic ice embers sparkle with reflected light and give a great display. Simplicity is the hallmark of Sander’s strong design.

Metal feet elevate the design and accentuate the strong, clean lines in Carbon Grey finish. This is a popular electric fireplace in the $500 – $1000 range.

The Adele – Napoleon

This model is great if you have enough space. Napoleon CinemaTM 27 model has decorative glass doors. Easy to control with a remote, the model accommodates a flat TV up to 68”. This model is safe to use with a self-regulating heater that turns off when the required temperature is reached.

WM-FML-26-3223-STL Linear – Amantii

The WM-FML-26-3223-STL is the next generation of real flame electric fireplaces.

The diagonal firebox is much larger than the standard firebox achieving incredible realism and clarity.

The fireplace comes with 13 colors of surround back-lit mood lighting, easy to use remote control, timer, brightness setting and LED technology. It is slightly more expensive than the other fireplace models in the list.

NEFL50 Allure – Napoleon

This Napoleon model is very popular among homeowners. It can be installed in many ways, has a sleek design and a great aesthetic appearance. This model comes in various sizes and can be either hung or fully recessed into the wall. The Allure versatile controls make it easy to operate and is energy-efficient as well as a good pick for an electric fireplace in the $500 – $1000 range.

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We are so happy with the service, support and product that we received from Cozy Comfort Plus. Brian was incredible to work with, he took the time to understand what we were looking for and helped us with the designs and what the best fireplace for us might be. He is extremely easy to work with, very easy to communicate with and so fast and responsive!

Everything happened exactly on schedule and as planned. It was a well oiled machine!! The crews that were here to build everything were super friendly, kind, courteous and knowledgeable.

Highly highly recommend to all 😀👍

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From installation to maintenance, Cozy Comfort Plus Inc. provided us with prompt, quality service. It took under a day to install our Mitsubishi split-type air conditioner in May, 2021. This week, they attended to cleaning our unit’s filters in less than a day’s notice. The technician explained how to remove, clean and reinstall the filters ourselves which will save us money down the road. I highly recommend Cozy Comfort without reservation.

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Highly recommended. Brian at Cozy Comfort Plus supplied and installed 6 ductless heads on two compressors. The price was very competitive. The installation crew lead by Hamid did a perfect job. They explained the best locations for the equipment and answered all my questions. The work was completed a very short time after signing the contract. The team cleaned up the job site very carefully every night and were very careful indoorA.

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