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Why Go Tankless?

Why should you replace your traditional water heater with a tank-less unit? Traditional water heaters were invented in the late 1800's and they still use the same basic technology to provide your family with hot water. Granted, there have been numerous improvements...

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Extend your Warranty

Complete Care Plus™ Extended Warranty A convenient and affordable plan that covers service repairs on your home comfort system – regardless of brand – after standard manufacturers’ warranties expire: Lets you enjoy years of uninterrupted comfort, without...

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Best Fireplace Selection

Over two decades of experience bringing the warmth of a fireplace to homes all over the Toronto Area. The timeless visual appeal of a fireplace instills an air of luxury and comfort to living rooms and bedrooms alike, and getting one has never been easier with our...

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Repair vs. Replace

To repair or replace, that is the question that likely comes to mind whenever your heating or cooling system stops working like it should. Although repairing may be the most affordable solution now, it might not be the best choice over the long run. Factors to...

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24/7 Emergency Service

Day or Night, Rain or Shine... Call us in case of emergencies and our team of expert technicians will provide you prompt and efficient assistance and resolution to any unforeseen circumstances regarding your home comfort systems. Call us NOW if you have an emergency:...

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Welcome to our new website

  Hello Everyone! We have been working really hard to bring you a whole new redesigned and optimized website that will allow for easy access to information and all you need related to your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning - At home or at your business....

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I have used Cozy comfort plus for a few service calls in the past year and they are always very easy to reach and book service calls with. They are always very accommodating with their appointments and their service techs arrive on time, are professional, friendly and get the job done. I highly recommend them as my experiences have always been good with them.