The start of a new year offers a chance to reflect upon the past one; the achievements you made, including the hard times that we have experienced all year long. This is the culture, we as individuals and businesses alike, are used to as we prepare to face the challenges the new year has in store. For Cozy Comfort Plus, it was yet another chance to do just that; and not only to reflect upon the achievements of the old year, but also another one-time opportunity to show their togetherness as a successful company, with much emphasis on their employees.

Last Friday, on 12th January 2018, Cozy Comfort Plus invited all of their staff and employees for a New Year’s party, in the form of a lunch event to continue a tradition that puts their employees in the limelight, as a way to show their love and genuine appreciation for them.

Needless to say, the event was a special one, and the entire staff availed themselves for what was a happy event that was filled with a lot of cheer, fun, and overall enjoyment. All the members of the staff were fully represented, as employees, from the sales team, the service department, customer service and administrators showed up to strengthen already strong bonds.

The event itself was met with a lot of success, as employees mingled and chatted freely amongst themselves for the couple of hours that had been put aside. It is from this intermingling that the entire Cozy Comfort Plus family came to know that one of their own staff was pregnant, which was more than great news to an already perfect event.

In the end, no one was left out of this perfect and happy occasion; the happy and hardworking employees went home feeling appreciated and ready to achieve even more than what was achieved the year before; it is the belief of Cozy Comfort Plus that the key to success is through happy and satisfied employees.

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