Experience the Best in Heating and Air Conditioning with Cozy Comfort Plus

For dependable HVAC services, Cozy Comfort Plus Heating and Air Conditioning is the ideal choice. Our expertise lies in providing exceptional installation, maintenance, and repair services for heating, cooling, and indoor air quality systems. Our skilled technicians possess the knowledge to handle all brands and models of HVAC equipment, ensuring optimal performance.

We take pride in our satisfied clientele, who commend our superior products, prompt service, and competitive pricing. With Cozy Comfort Plus, you can rely on us to deliver exceptional solutions for your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality needs.

 Cozy Comfort Plus is your trusted HVAC contractor in Toronto and the GTA

You can count on Cozy Comfort Plus as your reliable HVAC contractor in Toronto and the GTA. With our extensive industry experience and knowledgeable technicians, we specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality systems.

HVAC contractor in Toronto

Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, we are capable of installing all brands and models of HVAC equipment and ensuring proper functioning and efficiency. Our team of technicians is well-versed in diagnosing and fixing HVAC system issues and providing prompt and efficient repair services.

But our commitment to your comfort doesn’t end there. We also offer a wide selection of gas and electric fireplaces, air conditioners, furnaces, ductless air conditioners, and ductless heat pumps. With Cozy Comfort Plus, you can expect exceptional products and services to meet all your HVAC needs.

Our Products – Fireplaces, HVACs, Air Conditioners, and More

We take pride in offering a wide range of top name brand products for your home or business needs. Our experienced technicians provide reliable installations and replacements for home comfort systems. We also offer comprehensive after-sales support to ensure the longevity of your systems.

For some customers, such a purchase can represent a once-in-a-lifetime decision. That’s why we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you throughout the entire process, helping you make the best choice that perfectly suits the unique needs of your home or business.

You may also be interested in high-efficiency alternatives for your current system. At Cozy Comfort Plus, we strive to offer the best-in-class products that will keep your home or business comfortable and cozy for years to come. Trust us to provide you with the ultimate solution that meets all your needs while exceeding your expectations.

Cozy Comfort Plus Heating and Air Conditioning features the following products:

Furnaces: We offer a range of high-efficiency gas furnaces from major brands, including Lennox, Carrier, Goodman, and Rheem.

Air Conditioners: A selection of energy-efficient air conditioning units is available from brands like Lennox, Carrier, Goodman, and Rheem.

Heat Pumps: Heat pumps that provide both heating and cooling capabilities, including models from Lennox, Carrier, Goodman, and Rheem, are offered.

Boilers: Shop here for boilers for residential and commercial applications, including brands like Navien, Viessmann, and NTI.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems: Brands like Lennox, Carrier, Mitsubishi Electric, and Fujitsu provide ductless heating and cooling systems.

Fireplaces: Choose from a range of gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and wood-burning fireplaces, including brands like Napoleon, Valor, and Regency.

Indoor Air Quality Products: Indoor air quality solutions, such as air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and ventilators from brands like Lennox, Carrier, and Honeywell, are offered.

Water Heaters: Several different types of water heaters, including tankless water heaters, conventional tank water heaters, and hybrid water heaters from brands like Navien, Rheem, and Bradford White, are available.

Generators: Standby generators for backup power during outages, including brands like Generac and Kohler, are offered.

Smart Home Solutions: Smart home solutions that allow homeowners to control and monitor HVAC systems remotely, including thermostats from brands like Nest, Ecobee, and Honeywell, are available.

Heating and Air Conditioning with Cozy Comfort Plus

Our Services

Our installation services include the expertise of skilled technicians, who will ensure the proper installation of high-quality equipment for reliable and efficient performance. We know that a comfortable environment is important for your home or business, which is why we offer our professional installation services.

Our technicians have extensive knowledge of HVAC system installation and are capable of installing all brands and models. We take pride in providing excellent customer service and ensuring your satisfaction. With our reliable and efficient performance, you can trust that your HVAC system will keep you comfortable all year. Choose us for your installation needs and experience the comfort and peace of mind you deserve.

You can depend on us for the following services:

  • New System Installation
  • Service and Repair
  • Maintenance Programs
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Residential and Commercial HVAC Systems

The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is essential for ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality systems. Taking care of your HVAC system not only extends its lifespan but also allows it to operate at its best, providing you with a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

Here are the reasons why HVAC maintenance is so important:

  • Improved energy efficiency:
    • Regular maintenance keeps your HVAC system running efficiently, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility costs.
    • Clean and well-maintained systems require less energy to operate, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality:
    • Proper maintenance includes cleaning and replacing filters, which help remove dust, allergens, and pollutants from the air.
    • Clean air filters also prevent the accumulation of debris in the system, ensuring healthy indoor air quality.

 We Service All Brands and Models of HVAC Equipment

We service any brand or model of HVAC equipment. Our team of knowledgeable technicians has extensive industry experience and can handle the installation, maintenance, and repair of all types of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality systems. Whether you have a residential or commercial HVAC system, we have the expertise to ensure its optimal performance and efficiency.

HVAC contractor in Toronto and the GTA

You can have peace of mind knowing that our professional service and meticulous attention to detail will ensure that your HVAC equipment is in capable hands. Our comprehensive HVAC service is designed to meet all of your HVAC needs.

Choose Cozy Comfort Plus Heating and Air Conditioning for all Your HVAC Needs

Our team of knowledgeable technicians is experienced in installing and servicing all brands and models of HVAC equipment. We offer top-notch installation, maintenance, and repair services, ensuring the efficient functioning of your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality systems.

With our excellent products, competitive prices, and prompt completion of work, we provide exceptional solutions. Contact us today for reliable and customer-centric HVAC services.

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Auday JacquesAuday Jacques

I had contacted this company on Oct 5th, 2023. They are very helpful and responsive. They helped with quick installation and the men worked tirelessly through the process for great success. I got heating pumps installed in multiple places that came with a remote for each. Excellent services from Brian, Kaz and Hamid. They work very well and understands the business qualities.

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Michelle ZornMichelle Zorn

I had the most fabulous experience with Cozy Comfort Plus! Brian was very responsive for my first outreach all the way through to the completion of my beautiful fireplace! I live in a condo and as such, things are not straightforward when it comes to having work completed. There were a few extra hoops to jump through but Brian and his team were very diligent in ensuring that all the fittings were correct. I was so happy with my experience that I had them replace my furnace and add a smart home thermometer as well! I would highly recommend Brian and his team for their knowledge, skill and excellent customer service!

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Jason HicksJason Hicks

Raymond and Ali were professional, and a pleasure to meet. They arrived on time, did the work (hot water heater removal and installation) efficiently and expertly, and did a great job of cleaning up afterward. This has been my consistent experience dealing with Cozy Comfort Plus over the years. Brian, Liz, Jay... all the team members I've interfaced with are top-notch. Highly recommended!

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