What is the cost of a brand new Central Air Conditioner?

The cold season is coming to an end but with the economy the way it is, a lot of us are now more than ever looking at value rather than luxury, and there is nothing wrong with that – but when it comes to something like a central air conditioning system, the decision-making process might get a bit cloudy. This is because since these devices are meant to last at least a decade, most people only go through this once or maybe twice in their lifetime – and the variety can be overwhelming.

A new, high-efficiency central A/C goes for about $2,000 and up

But that is just an average; the cost of an Air Conditioner depends on many factors like the size of the house it needs to cool, how old the house is, how efficient the Air Conditioner needs to be, the brand of the AC, and many more. One thing that is worth noting when it comes to Air Conditioners is that all the major air conditioner manufacturers offer comparable models with the same levels of performance and features. As long as you go with a recognized brand, you are going to get good performance and reliability. The most important thing to consider at this point is the warranty. Air Conditioners have gotten much more reliable in recent times but they are not perfect machines, anything less than a 10 year warranty on parts is not enough to cover you in case of an unforeseen failure of the unit.

And add to that the cost of the installation

Because unless you are a trained HVAC technician with years of experience installing central ACs – and can gather up a few buddies with the same qualifications – a brand new AC would be no more useful to you than an antique armoire to cool your home. Furthermore, an adequate installation will guarantee that the new central Air Conditioner performs as efficiently as it is supposed to and lasts for as long as it is meant to.

As an additional consideration, you need a dependable group of technicians to do your installation because once the brand new AC is up and running, you need to get them to come and do a yearly inspection for at least the next 10 years to keep the warranty on parts alive.

Government rebates and seasonal promotions

Keep an eye out for these as they come and go and usually before each season there are some incredible cash back offers by the leading manufacturers. Furthermore, the government of Ontario (and sometimes the Federal Government) offer incentives to replace your old central AC for a brand new energy-efficient one. Your HVAC contractor can help you get the most out of these rebates.

In short, if you’re on the lookout for a new central air conditioner, we know it’s not an easy decision but if you consult the right people and go for the right dealer, they will help you find what you need.

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