UV Lights Kill Mold & Bacteria – Protect Your Family!

UV lights can be very helpful in keeping air conditioning equipment clean. UV lights are very effective at killing mold and certain types of bacteria. Because of that, they have been used for many years in hospital settings as a method of controlling bacteria.

Use Ultraviolet Light to Kill Mold:

Ultraviolet light is an effective method to eradicate mold from homes.

The Ultraviolet light is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Just like the X-ray and infrared light, it falls within the high energy band.

The UV-C is the active part of the light; it has been shown to kill 99.9 percent of the molds over a one to two hours period.

How does it work?

To eliminate mold in your home using UV-C light, here are the steps to take:

  • Identify the surfaces infested with the fungus; keep the UV light source two inches from the molds.
  • Switch off every other light source, close the doors and windows.
  • Leave for about one to two hours.
  • Repeat the procedure on other surfaces until all the fungi have been eliminated.


At the point when compared with other techniques for disinfecting bacteria UV light is much better as shown below:

  • UV purification is a chemical-free process and doesn’t leave any residue behind.
  • UV requires no transportation and storage or handling of harmful or corrosive chemicals.
  • No-touch automated sterilization that eliminates human mistakes in the cleansing process.
  • Other gadgets require movement or multiple positioning adding to workflow and reducing productivity.

Therefore UV light is intended to kill bacteria in an efficient way. The light minimizes microbial development on loop and dry skillet and counteracts it from leading to airborne infections. UV light also improves air flow.

Benefits of UV-C Germicidal Technology

Complies with Strict Local Codes and Regulations:

UV-C Germicidal is naturally well disposed and chemical free. Dissimilar to germicidal chemicals, there are no destructive materials and no disinfection by-products (DBPs).

Germicidal lights utilize UV-C light to sterilize bacteria, mold, organisms, and viruses. There are none of the safety risks related to the utilization of hazardous chemicals.

Germicidal Lamps

UV Lamps can generate UV-C light. UV Lamps are referred to as Germicidal Lamps. Germicidal UV lamp purification has a long history, and it is used for air purification, water treatment in aquarium UV sterilizers and surface disinfection purposes. It is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly solution. Its effectiveness is related to intensity and exposure time. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are low-pressure mercury vapor lamps that generate ultraviolet light by electrical discharge. The produced ultraviolet light has a lethal effect on micro-organisms. Ultraviolet light is used in industrial and residential applications to purify water, air, and surfaces.

Germicidal UV Light Applications

These can be applied in air purification. UV-C lamps kill mold, airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses and protozoa in your home or office. Thousands have installed UV-C lamps in clinics, hospitals, manufacturing, offices and family residences all around the world. By using ultraviolet germicidal light they now enjoy the healthiest air breathable.

Many people have paid a service company to clean the ducts in their home or office and have looked at the mess that was found inside the ducts. Harsh chemicals are needed to even begin to take control of this problem. Why wouldn’t bacteria and mold grow? It’s a perfect environment – moist and just the right temperature.

There is a solution to these problems. No more harsh chemicals needed. Installing UV-C germicidal fixtures will not harm offices or residences and do not produce ozone or any other contaminants. Your coils and ducts will be kept clean 24/7. This allows the air circulating system to run like new, at maximum efficiency. This lowers maintenance and energy costs and increases the life of the blower motor.

The saving could be in the thousands of dollars for your utility bills and maintenance repair costs. The improvement in your air quality is unsurpassed. Your UV-C germicidal fixture eliminates bad odour and the buildup of that slimy mess caused by molds and bacteria.

Let’s not forget the need for good air filters. Efficiency with your UV-C germicidal fixture depends on the removal of dust and other particles. At this point, your UV-C light sterilizes the microorganisms rendering them unable to reproduce. Leaving your residence with no moldy odour or messy build up in your air circulating system. This eliminates the need for flammable and dangerous toxic chemicals.

Using these chemicals is usually only a surface cleaning and actually forces the mold and gunk deep inside the coils. The smell and odor returns. Most likely you will have to replace the coils to cure the problem.

Eliminate this recurring expense and frustration by installing a UV-C germicidal fixture (UV Light). It will put money in your hand and peace of mind concerning your family’s better health while providing the purest air possible to breathe.


In Conclusion:

The truth is that Germicidal UV has been used for over a decade in the medical industry because of their ability to destroy micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, germs). The industrial and medical fields have found UV light to be very dependable, and they can be easily fixed. The key to keeping your home or workplace environment mold free is by maintaining a low humidity level; however, in case of infestation, Ultraviolet-C light has been proven to be an effective measure to kill them.


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