Water Source Heat Pumps

Water Source Heat Pumps

Water source heat pump (WSHP)
systems share the ability to move
energy from where it is not needed to
where it is needed with other
sophisticated HVAC systems. The
energy is moved in water, which is very
effective and requires minimal
transport (pump) work. Other HVAC
systems capable of moving energy
around a building include fan assisted
VAV and dual duct, dual fan VAV.

However, these systems move the
energy in the air rather than water, which
requires ceiling plenums, ducts and
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Gas Fireplace

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I did my research and looked around, ultimately choosing Cozy Comfort Plus who had the best selection of gas fireplaces in Toronto. They did a great job installing a beautiful Marquis gas fireplace the day before the big ice storm hit the GTA. It was the only heat my family had in the house for nearly a week, until Hydro finally restored the power. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to keep their family safe and warm in the winter. Gas fireplaces are a far more efficient, environmentally friendly and powerful source of heat than wood or electric and they don't require electricity, so we will always be prepared for the next power outage.