Why should you replace your traditional water heater with a tank-less unit?

Traditional water heaters were invented in the late 1800’s and they still use the same basic technology to provide your family with hot water. Granted, there have been numerous improvements that have made them more practical and efficient but they are still using the same basic principle – heat water inside an insulated tank so that it can be used later.

The world has moved a long way from the times of horse-drawn carriages and we now have a great alternative to traditional water heaters that is in every conceivable way better than regular water heaters except for one: The initial cost.

Tank-less water heaters tend to be more expensive up-front than traditional water heaters but in the long run they end up making up the difference in savings.

Some of the clear advantages of going tank-less are:

  • On-demand hot water
  • “Endless” hot water
  • Much higher energy efficiency
  • Double the lifespan of tanks
  • No standby heat loss
  • They take up less space
  • Savings of as much as 20% on your energy bill
  • No possibility of flooding

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