Carrier Performance 15 Packaged Gas Furnace/Air Conditioner System 48VG

Gas heating and electric cooling with up to 16 SEER2 for enhanced energy savings with enhanced comfort features. Ultra-low NOx models available for California.

Whether you are enjoying gas heat in the winter or air conditioned cooling in the summer, this Performance system delivers the consistent temperatures and quiet efficiency of two-stage operation.

Offering enhanced summertime dehumidification capabilities along with ENERGY STAR® qualified performance in every model, it is a package system you can truly get comfortable with. Includes tin-plated copper coils for enhanced corrosion resistance and a stainless steel heat exchanger for durability

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  • Energy Savings: Enhanced
  • Overall Efficiency: ENERGY STAR® certified
  • COOLING SEER2: Up to 16
  • COOLING EER2: 11.5
  • Heating AFUE: Up to 81%
  • HEATING HSPF2: Not applicable
  • Comfort Features: Enhanced
  • Compressor: Type 2-stage
  • Gas Valve Type: 2-Stage (Single Stage for ultra-low Nox models)
  • Blower Motor Type: Multi-speed (9-speed)
  • Application: Normal
  • Sound Level (As Low As): 70 decibels


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Energy Savings
ENERGY STAR® certified. Up to 16 SEER2 and 11.5 EER2 for enhanced energy savings.

Comfort Features
Enhanced comfort features for improved temperature control and more consistent comfort.

System Type
Heating and cooling system that uses gas for heating and electricity for cooling. Ultra-low NOx models available for California.

Humidity Control
Offers two-stage dehumidification for enhanced humidity control. Can operate at a lower speed to extract more humidity from your indoor air.

Available in various sizes that can accommodate most homes. Your Carrier expert will recommend the appropriate model to fit your needs.

10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration and lifetime stainless steel heat exchanger limited warranty upon timely registration.

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