Lennox Air Conditioner – Dave Signature, Elite, Merit

Lennox Dave Signature:

The quietest and most efficient air conditioner you can buy.

Lennox Elite Series:

The coil inside an air conditioner helps keep your home cool by pulling the heat out of the air.

Lennox Merit Series:

The compressor is the part of an air conditioner that pumps refrigerant to deliver the cooling your home needs.

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Gas Fireplace

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I did my research and looked around, ultimately choosing Cozy Comfort Plus who had the best selection of gas fireplaces in Toronto. They did a great job installing a beautiful Marquis gas fireplace the day before the big ice storm hit the GTA. It was the only heat my family had in the house for nearly a week, until Hydro finally restored the power. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to keep their family safe and warm in the winter. Gas fireplaces are a far more efficient, environmentally friendly and powerful source of heat than wood or electric and they don't require electricity, so we will always be prepared for the next power outage.